This is when a community member shares their story on air.

For example, a mother and father might talk about how their child caught polio and urge other families to get their children vaccinated. Or they might share how they’ve changed their views or overcome their concerns around vaccination.

A polio survivor tells her story on BBC Media Action’s radio show Ghamai
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  • Some of your community may have never come across illnesses like polio before, so hearing stories from others just like them can let them see how serious the disease really is, and how they might be able to overcome their barriers to vaccination

  • Personal stories are one of the most powerful ways to get an emotional response from your listeners, which can encourage them to take action


  • Speak to local NGOs or health organisations to help lead you to families who may be willing to share their stories

  • Record the family member telling their story from start to finish, or ask them questions about their experiences

  • Make sure they understand how you will use their story and give you their permission

  • If they’re nervous about going on air, you could ask someone else like a health worker or community leader who knows them to tell their story instead

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