This tells the stories of fictional characters as they grapple with health issues in everyday life.

It could look at how a family decides whether or not to breastfeed their baby or vaccinate their child, or what happens when they don’t practice good hygiene habits.


A clip from a drama about polio vaccination on BBC Media Action’s radio show Ghamai
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  • A drama can deal with sensitive issues in a non-threatening way, letting listeners make up their own minds

  • Listeners can see different characters’ points of view. For example, a storyline told from the perspective of a vaccinator could help them understand why vaccinators are doing this job

  • This can be an entertaining format that appeals to listeners who don’t usually tune in to health programmes


  • Keep your storylines and characters realistic – speak to health workers and families who have gone through these issues to find out what life is really like
  • You could even cast members of the community who can bring their own experiences to the roles
  • Avoid stereotypes that can be harmful, such as showing people who refuse vaccination as uneducated
  • Don’t reveal your whole story in one go – use cliff-hangers to keep your audiences listening. Disagreements between characters can also make storylines interesting
  • Ask your listeners for feedback on the storylines to see if they’re engaging and effective enough
  • It’s fine to keep each broadcast short – build your storylines up week by week

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