Some of the following websites do not offer much technical information on health topics, but provide contact details for the organisations’ offices in Afghanistan. When researching a programme, it’s usually better to talk to people than rely on information from websites alone.

Ministry of Public Health:

Ministry of Public Health Facebook page:

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development:  

UNICEF Facebook page:

Care of Afghan Families:

The following websites are in English only:

Global Polio Eradication Initiative – current status of polio in Afghanistan:



WHO Facebook page:

Afghan Midwives Association (AMA):

Afghan Red Crescent Society:

Save the Children:


Ghamai Facebook page:


The following resources are in English only:

The Pulse – a course on health communication by BBC Media Action:

Diversity and Inclusion – a course on making diverse programmes by BBC Media Action:

BBC Media Action: How a BBC radio programme has driven child vaccination uptake in Somalia:

UNICEF: Facts for Life – essential information on raising healthy children:


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