There’s no need to make your health programmes in isolation. There are lots of people you should contact to get the latest facts and advice, or invite onto your show. Speaking to them will save you time and improve the quality of your programmes.

But remember to use your judgement – only trust information from authoritative people who have the right expertise. When you find a good contact, speak to them regularly to build up a productive relationship.

Take a look at the interactive maps below for some suggested contacts related to polio, water, sanitation and hygiene, and nutrition. Rollover the blue circles to find out who they are, why you should speak to them and how to get in touch.

Consent and safety

You should get permission from any contributors you use on your programme, such as experts and audience members. You must explain how their contribution will be used (what programme it’s for, whether you’re using their comments in full or as an edited version, and who else is being featured in the programme). You must make sure they understand what you’ve told them, as well as the potential consequences of having their contribution broadcast. You should ask for their written (or otherwise recorded) permission to use their contribution.

And remember the safety of you and your contributors is more important than any story – so carefully weigh up the risks and benefits of anything you do, particularly when dealing with a controversial or sensitive topic.


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