Polio is a serious, potentially life-threatening disease that could be easily prevented by vaccination.

There is often misunderstanding around polio, so make sure you and your listeners know the facts.


  • To have real impact, you can’t just tell your listeners about vaccination – you need to consider what could be stopping them from getting their children vaccinated, and address these barriers on your programme.

  • Some listeners may be worried the polio vaccine is haram – reassure them that it has been declared halal by Islamic leaders all over the world.

  • Also make it clear that the polio vaccine has NO effect on a child’s fertility, as some listeners might wrongly believe.

  • To dispel these myths, you could interview experts that your listeners respect, and use language they understand.

  • People in your community may not have come across polio before, so personal stories and drama could help them understand how serious it is.

  • Your listeners may worry about where the vaccine has come from – you could produce a special programme following a batch of vaccine as it’s made, stored and transported.

  • If vaccination services are not available in your local area, your programme could help create demand from the community and help persuade local governors to provide these.


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